Leigh Fae Moon

Reading Types:
Tea Leaf

Reading Times:
Leigh reads Friday & Sunday, 10:00am to 1:30pm.

To book with Leigh call us on 07 3393 1101.

About Leigh:
I am passionate about Tarot and use this as a tool. I see myself as a "intuitive advisor", to help guide you on the most illuminated path to take and to help empower you with your choices. I receive messages and insights from my angels and guides that are from the divine, to help guide to with the messages that you need to receive. My readings are real and honest to assist you, to see things as they are and help improve your circumstances. If you are looking for someone to wave their magical wand and make life better or to read your mind tell me when you have found them. My readings are not set in stone I will never tell you what you must do my passion is real divine guidance, that is honest and real to see the situation and the best possible path and life you can take right now for you.