Adrian Woolston

Reading Types:
Clairvoyant, Gypsy Fortune-Telling Cards & Tarot

Reading Times:
Adrian reads Fridays, 10am to 4pm.

To book with Adrian, use our Online Booking System, or call us on 07 3393 1101.

About Adrian:
Adrian started his study of tarot whilst still a young adolescent, under the guidance of a local woman that ran a spiritual supply store. His motivation was fueled by his fascination with the supernatural and his fond memories of his great-aunt and grandmother regaling him with stories of mediumship and ouija boards in their youth. Adrian comes from a particularly spiritual background with his father often visited by spirits of those departed and an upbringing and formal training within various spiritual traditions such as Wicca, Spiritualism and Shamanism. It was here his gifts of sight developed. His particular interest is collecting and reading both tarot cards and Lenormand decks (sometimes known as Gypsy Fortunetelling Cards). The Lenormand was particularly popular throughout Europe in the mid-1800's, and is a gorgeous throwback to a time of the salon or parlour culture, where women of high society would read cards and predict their future over tea - perfect match for The Rendezvous Tea Room!

Adrian's style of reading, clairvoyance and spiritual consultation adopts an existential approach; to help you find the patterns of choice and freedom that lay before you, and to choose the best path for you to grasp your future and your true will. He will leave you feeling empowered and with a better outlook on your future path.